We offer PCB Fabrication Services to suit all of your needs

          Quality and great service at fantastic prices!

                                Here is a list of our services:
      * 24 hour support for quotes and technical help
            * Quick Turn Prototypes (24 hour turns available)
      * Domestic Manufacturing in ISO Certified facilities
      * Overseas Manufacturing for Pre-Production and      
     * Production runs in ISO Certified facilities
     * Delivery in as little as 3 days for off-shore orders  

     All boards built in state of the art ISO Certified Facilities
      in the United States and Asia

            * 2-40 layers
     * RoHS Compliant materials and finishes available
     * Controlled Impedance
      * Blind and Buried Vias
      * Min. Trace and Space Widths to 3/3
      * No Tooling or Electrical Test Charges on any orders
      * Flex or Rigid/Flex
       * Hybrid fabs (mixed laminates)

      Call 24/7 at 1-408-391-3661 for a quick quote
    or email your files to sales@smartmanufacturing.net
PCB Fabrication